Dirty Talk on Congress Floor

Dirty Talk on Congress Floor

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Earlier this week on the floor of the US Congress, former MTV ‘The Real World” reality TV star, and now US Representative from the State of Wisconsin Sean Duffy addressed the Congressional Black Caucus concerning recent statements they made about how the criminal justice system and other institutions treat blacks in America. In speaking about the “Black Lives Matter” movement Duffy raised concerns about how little attention is being paid to the abortion rates among black woman in this country.

“Here are some stunning facts. The African-American community is 15 percent of the country as a whole, but accounts for 40 percent of the abortions. Fifteen percent of Americans, 40 percent of the abortions. In New York City, the most recent statistic is that African-American women had more abortions than live births,” he said.

Psalm 55:21 - The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.

As we will see, although Duffy spoke as a man who was concerned about abortion, and how it is having a devastating effect on the birth rate among our people, his intention was never to speak about bringing an end this tragedy. Even though he may have seemed sympathetic, this bastard doesn’t give a damn about black woman, the children being aborted, or our plight as a people in America.

“And why is that?” he asked. “It’s as though nobody knows. Or they don’t care. This has become typical of this country, we have all these problems and issues, and everybody is trying to deal with the consequences instead of focusing on the cause. And that goes especially for African-Americans. Everybody keeps saying that all men were created equal and that we all deserve the same treatment, but it doesn’t look that way to me. To me, black people got the worse deal – they’re not as hard-working as other races, they’re not as intelligent as other races, and they seem to have the lowest inhibitions of all the races in our country.”

See how quickly this devil flipped the script? How’s he going to speak about the cause of issues such as abortion, and not address the white devils of the Eugenics movement like Margaret Sanger who founded organizations like Planned Parenthood for the purposes of targeting and killing off black children? This discussion about how badly abortion is killing black people suddenly turned into, black people are lazy, stupid, and shiftless. 400 years of slavery, oppression, degradation, and this devil has the nerve to stand up in Congress and speak evil about the people who built this place with our blood, sweat, and tears. This was not an attack against the CBC, but an attack on black people in general.

Asked to elaborate on his theory, Duffy stated, “Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? How come no one is asking why white people or Hispanic people aren’t as poor as African-Americans? Why white women or Hispanic women don’t have as many abortions? The answer is simple – black women are simply wired that way. They’ll jump anything that moves without thinking for a second about the consequences. And when they’re done, they realize what just happened and you know what comes next – an abortion and complaining about how African-Americans in the U.S. somehow ended up with the short end of the stick.”

The white man is the damn devil that the bible speaks of. While he puts on a suit every morning, says hello as he passes you in the hallway, converses with you about sports, entertainment, or the latest fashion trends, this is what he thinks of you in his head. How dare the white bastard of the earth, who’s whoremothers and fagfathers are famously remembered for their sexual deviance speak about our women this way. The white woman is and always will be the greatest whore on the face of the earth, from Elizabeth Taylor, to Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson and Monica Lewinsky, white women are the pioneers of whoredom in the modern age. But it would be hypocritical to pretend to not understand why devil's such as this think the way that he does.

Lamentations 4:3 - Even the sea monsters draw out the breast, they give suck to their young ones: the daughter of my people is become cruel, like the ostriches in the wilderness.
The daughters of of the Most High’s people Israel, have become monsters towards their men and their children. Agree with it or not this is the bitter truth about many of our black sisters today. Seen in social services offices throughout this country, and broadcast to the world through media and entertainment, the perception of black woman as being reckless, irresponsible, sex crazed beasts is warranted. Thanks to Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, rap videos, the strip club, and the abortion clinic the shame of the black woman has been exposed.

In his infinite wisdom, the former MTV “Real World” star also proposed a solution: “Until science comes up with a drug of some kind that enhances a person’s ability to say no to an intercourse, the only thing left for black men to do is chain their wives up at home and pray to God they aren’t strong enough to get free. I know it sounds too similar to what was done to black people in slavery, but everybody knows that when a black woman sets her mind on something, she’ll go through hell or high water to get it. So, we can’t just trust white men to say no to them and then be on their way. We need something more drastic, and having their husbands, boyfriends and families chain them up will have to do, at least for now. And besides,” the GOP lawmaker added, “it’s not like they’ll mind being tied up. Black people like it rough, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to survive living in ghettos.”
What the fu**? Yes these are direct quotes from US State Representative Sean Duffy, spoken on the house floor of the US Congress. There’s a few very important things to take away from what this devil said on the floor of the Congress though. he thinks that slavery worked for keeping black people in line, and that we enjoy suffering and dying in the ghetto. This is what is in the hearts and minds of the government of the United States. Although Abortion is working well to get rid of the nigger problem, they really just want to find a way to eradicate you altogether.
Psalm 41:5 - Mine enemies speak evil of me, When shall he die, and his name perish?
Just as men of God have prayed in the past for the death of their enemies, we pray for the white man's death today. The enemies of the Most High’s children speak evil of us, and we are continually looking for the day when they shall die and be no longer remembered in the earth.

The shame in this entire story is that the CBC will not, and cannot say anything to Sean Duffy about the comments he made on the Congress floor, because who can argue that he isn’t telling the truth? Poor black leadership is responsible for the current plight that we find ourselves in. While rich negroes pine, beg and lobby to the white man for money to NOT fix the problems in our community, we are forced to eat up the shame, reproach, and disrespect that these devils dish out.

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