Let's Talk About It: Trading Places

Let's Talk About It: Trading Places

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On June 11th, 2014 the US Congress opened up hearings to discuss the May 31st prisoner exchange that brought the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl after years of captivity with the Taliban. In return for Sgt Bergdahl, 5 Taliban detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay were set free and returned to Afghanistan. In recent weeks Congress voiced frustration about the Obama administration's lack of communication and disclosure prior to the transfer. The hearings were called for Congress to get an explanation about why they were left in the dark.

"War, every part of war, like prisoner exchanges, is not some abstraction or theoretical exercise," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in his opening statement. "The hard choices and options don't fit neatly into clearly defined instructions in 'how to' manuals. All of these decisions are part of the brutal, imperfect realities we all deal with in war."

While politicians on Capitol Hill are willing to use any news story to gain a leg up with voters for upcoming elections, much of what has been revealed concerning the American military's view on bringing troops home, the presidents power to bypass Congressional approval, and the media's propaganda about not negotiating with terrorist, is worthy of some discussion.

Lets begin with addressing a myth that continues to be perpetuated about what the American government is. America is not a Democracy or a Republic. There is no balance of power between the Legislative (Congress), Executive (President), or Judicial (courts) branches of government. All true power lies with the one who controls the military, and that's the President. If you disagree, just Google "Executive Order" and tell me how much power Congress really has.

1 Esdras Apocrypha 4:3- But yet the king is more mighty: for he is lord of all these things, and hath dominion over them; and whatsoever he commandeth them they do. 4- If he bid them make war the one against the other, they do it: if he send them out against the enemies, they go, and break down mountains walls and towers. 5- They slay and are slain, and transgress not the king's commandment: if they get the victory, they bring all to the king, as well the spoil, as all things else.

The President of America functions in the capacity of a King. The American presidency is a puppet position, controlled not by votes, but by the financial conglomerates that control this country. This is why there was nothing concerning this prisoner swap disclosed to Congress prior to the deal being done. Bottom line is that they didn't need to know what was going on. No nation can operate and function successfully if every time a decision is made, votes have to be taken.

"The President has constitutional responsibilities and constitutional authorities to protect American citizens and members of our armed forces. That's what he did," Hagel said. "America does not leave its soldiers behind. We made the right decision, and we did it for the right reasons -- to bring home one of our own people."

1Esdras 8:85 Moreover ye shall never seek to have peace with them, that ye may be strong, and eat the good things of the land, and that ye may leave the inheritance of the land unto your children for evermore.

The key to a nation gaining respect from its enemies, is their willingness to fight for the right to exist as a people. The Most High told the Israelites never to seek to have peace with their enemies, so that they could be strong and inherit a land of their own, to pass down to their children. During the civil rights movement, so called Blacks gave up on our independence, and separation from America. In turn weakening our resolve as a people and stripping America of all respect for black life that existed at the time.

Even in times of war there is an unspoken respect that exist between warring factions. This respect is what leads to the capture and not the execution of surrendering enemy combatants. It is this respect which made it possible for the US to have detainees to offer the taliban in exchange for getting one of their soldiers back. But if you refuse to fight, as blacks in America have, there is no need for your enemy to respect you. This is why you aren't afforded the same respect as those at war with America.

All that talk in the media about not negotiating with terrorist is just nonsense. The American military is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet earth, and they negotiate with everyone. Ever wondered how Koreans ended up owning every beauty supply store in the ghetto? Or why Vietnamese own the nail salons? What about the Chinese food and Arab carry-outs? Take a look at the history of American wars and you'll see that every nation that America has been involved with in a war, has negotiated business contracts to be given out in your neighborhood.

Deuteronomy 28:43 - The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

The Bible speaks about the conditions that exist in the black, Latino, and native American Indian community today. How is it that we've been here for 400+ years, but yet immigrants from other countries are able to come here and are afforded greater business opportunities than us? Is it because they work harder than us? Are they smarter than us? Or are businesses in our communities the reward America negotiated with their countries after fighting them in war?

For all those Israelites that have joined the United States Armed Services my only question is this: If Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a black man from the inner city would 5 taliban soldiers have been traded for his life? Let's talk about it Israel. What's your take on the military giving up Taliban detainees to get captured soldiers back? Would they have made the trade if the soldier was black? Sign into your Google+ profile to leave a comment, ask a question, and let your opinion be heard. You can also send your feedback to the author at Sakbgisupk@gmail.com, on Facebook @ Sakawar bangadban Yasharahla, or on Twitter @Sakawar_ban_Gad.

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