Police Attack Family Party, Taser Grandma, Use Pepper Spray Around Kids



After receiving a noise complaint, Texas police raided a Baytown house and perpetrated several shocking horrors against the family celebrating a birthday party inside — including the repeated use of a taser on a 54-year-old grandmother and the use of pepper spray with young children nearby.
The partygoers — a Mexican family and friends — were apparently playing music too loudly. When the police showed up, they decided to enter the premises through a back gate and storm the house. Horror ensued.
Video footage of the raid shows officers with the Baytown Police Department tackling multiple people, punching and kicking them, and repeatedly using tasers. Video can be found at the KPRC-TV, Local Two News website.
The family claimed that a 54-year-old grandmother was shot with a taser five times as she sat in a chair doing absolutely nothing wrong. The woman does not speak English, and did not understand what police wanted from her.
Also disturbing: 10 small children were inside the house at the time of the raid, and some complained of pepper spray in their eyes.
The officers also hurled racial epithets at the denizens of the house, repeatedly labeling them “wetbacks,” according to one of the party guests.
Police eventually arrested seven people for interfering with a public servant.
On Sunday, dozens of concerned minority citizens marched on police headquarters to demand better treatment.

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