Black Victim Says Police Begged Her Not to Prosecute White Burglary Suspect

Vivica Keyes, 54
A black woman says she awoke to find a white man bleeding in her living room after having broken through her window to enter the home. She says she called 911 and expected police to do their job and arrest the suspect, but instead, she alleges officers minimized the break-in and encouraged her not to file charges against the white suspect.
Vivica Keyes, 54, says Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies minimized the seriousness of the January 23rd break in. Keyes says the responding officer told her that the assailant didn’t mean any harm and that Keyes should just let it go.
“[Officer Royo] told me that it was not a burglary because he hadn’t stolen anything, it was not a forced entry because he was spooked, she put it, and it was not an assault and battery because, in her opinion, I wasn’t hurt,” Keyes said in a statement, according to 
CBS Los Angeles. 
Keyes said that the officers even went so far as to bring the assailant’s parents to her home so that they could beg her not to prosecute their son.
“A 29-year-old person was allowed to get his parents to my home within an hour of the incident,” said Keyes. “So my question is, who called him and how did they get to my house that quickly?”
Keyes continued:  “The parents come up and just immediately start asking me not to press charges. And saying, you know, my son has never done anything like this.”
Keyes also says she believes the way officers handled the case was racial.
“The only reasonable conclusion I can come to regarding the Sheriff’s Department’s behavior towards me is that it is because I am a black woman and the suspect is a white male. This is unacceptable and no other victim should have to endure what I have gone through.”
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