'Chi O got NO n******!!!!' Outrage as University of Alabama sorority sisters post racist Snapchat

A racial row has gripped an Alabama college campus where a sorority sister on Saturday posted a photo on Snapchat with a racist message bragging that their chapter had no black women.

'Chi O go no n*****!!!!!' reads the caption from a sister at the University of Alabama's Chi Omega sorority in Tuscaloosa.
The responsible sister has since been kicked out of the chapter, which just that day had pledged two African American women.
A message appeared on the national Chi Omega Fraternity Facebook condemning the message on Monday.
'What was expressed is absolutely reprehensible and completely inconsistent with Chi Omega's values and policies,' said the organization's post. 'Chi Omega took swift disciplinary action in accordance with the organization's policies and procedures.'
It also said that 'The Chi Omega chapter at the University of Alabama pledged a diverse group of young women, which included several new members who self-identified as minorities, including two African-American women.'
That information was supported by university newspaper The Crimson White, which tweeted '[...] All 16 Panhellenic sororities participating in recruitment offered bids to African American women.' 
The woman responsible and the other sisters in the photo had yet to come forward as of Tuesday, but someone took the time to anonymously email Sorority humor blog Total Sorority Move with denials that the poster meant to use the racist epithet at all.
'The snap was, apparently, an auto correct from the word "ninjas" to “n*****,"' one tipster told the website.
'These so-called "ninjas" are, after how alabama rush works, a sorority gets stuck with girl that weren’t their top picks. The reason these dumb, non proofreading chi o’s were so happy was that they got a "perfect pledge class" this rush season. Now, don’t get me wrong, being a part of the alabama greek system there is a tradition of racism, but it stems from alumni in sororities not usually the actives.' 
Last September, The Crimson White reported that black women had been systematically blocked from receiving bids from sororities at the university, calling it 'an almost impenetrable color barrier.'
Another user told Total Sorority Move the offending image had been Photoshopped. 
'Whoever edited the image took the "g" from "got" and moved it into the "nj" in "ninjas" (the story update actually makes perfect sense),' the user said. 'If you zoom in and check the kerning of the letters then you can see that the first ‘g’ in "n*****" was stretched the make up for the wide empty space where the "n" used to be and that the second "g" was kept at the original dimensions.'
That user also wrote 'I sympathize with the girl because it seems someone saw an opportunity to be malicious and acted upon it.' 
Requests for comment to the chapter, the national Chi Omega organization, and the University of Alabama from MailOnline were not immediately returned. 

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