Girl Screams “No, Daddy, No!” As Her Father Mistakes Male Companion For Intruder And Shoots Him

Marc Carrion, 32

article image
Brenda Jordan

Charles Jordan

Marc Carrion, 32, was fatally shot by a female companion’s father, 41-year-old Charles Jordan, after being mistaken for an intruder. A witness, whose identity has been withheld, says he heard arguing inside the apartment. He’d also heard 20-year-old Brenda Jordan plead with her father to not discharge the deadly blow.
“I heard a girl screaming, ‘No, Daddy, no!’” said the witness. He claims he heard the girl say, “‘Why did you do that? He was my best friend,’” and then “everything got quiet” until police showed up about 15 minutes later, he added.
The incident occurred on Monday night when Jordan found Carrion crouched in a corner of the bedroom of his daughter, Brenda, and thought he was an intruder, according to preliminary accounts. The girl’s father is complying with an investigation and surrendered his licensed revolver to authorities. Police are also interviewing the man’s daughter, who is said to have invited Carrion in her bedroom.
Carrion’s mother, Gloria Moyett, says that her son’s friends told her he’d met the 20-year-old woman at her job at a local 7-Eleven and had given her a ride home the evening he was killed. “I’m still trying to rationalize how a man could shoot someone in the head,” Moyett said. “If (Jordan) thought he was a threat, why not let him run out the door? Shooting to kill did not have to be an option here.”
Moyett said her son was just beginning to get his life on track after having a troubled youth. “I worked hard my whole life to move my family to a nice and quiet neighborhood, and he gets killed around the corner from my front door,” she told the Philadelphia Daily News. According to his mom, Carrion had landed a job at the food court of a local mall after a history of trouble with law enforcement.

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