St. Louis protesters burn American flags post-police shootings


Protesters in St. Louis, angry at a police officer’s return fatal gunfire on an 18-year-old black man, took to burning the American flag in the streets, chanting “no justice, no peace,” The Blaze reported.

A still-unnamed and off-duty white St. Louis police officer, 32, working as a security guard for a private company, shot and killed Vonderrit Myers, 18, on Wednesday after Myers — who was fleeing the scene with several others — turned and fired at the policeman, police said to various media outlets.
That shooting is just a couple months after Darren Wilson, a police officer with the nearby Ferguson force, shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in what law enforcement has said was a case of self-defense.
Tensions in the Missouri communities among residents, protesters — some of whom have come from outside the area — and police have remained high for weeks.
Wednesday’s shooting ratcheted protest fever higher, as ralliers took to the streets to burn U.S. flags.
TheBlazeNOW tweeted video of Thursday night’s flag burning with the accompanying message: “Protesters in St. Louis burn American flags following fatal officer-involved shooting Wednesday.”
Several other social media users picked up on the incident and tweeted out different video clips of the flag burnings.
“Protesters are now burning American flags,” tweeted Yamiche Alcindor, The Blaze reported. “Burning flag is now being waved by protester.”
The Blaze also reported the flag burners shouted “no justice, no peace” and “hands up, don’t shoot,” as they waved the burning American flags in the air.
Other social media users reported how the protests grew increasingly violent, with one writing: “Protesters just broke glass doo[r] of Medicine Shoppe at Grand and Hartford,” The Blaze reported.

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