22-Year-Old Daycare Employee Kicks Baby, Twice

22-year-old Alexis J. Wilson-Britten (on right)

A childcare worker in Riverdale, Georgia was arrested last Friday for kicking a 20-month old student.  The footage of the incident was released Monday via WSB-TV.
The daycare co-owner of Kids R Kids, Bob Phelps, released the surveillance tape with the intention of allowing the public to judge the incident for themselves.  In the footage that takes place in a playroom, Jayden Reece is approaching 22-year-old Alexis J. Wilson-Britten.  Before he reaches the teacher, she shoves him with her foot.
“We were able to look at surveillance video that shows this worker kicked this child not once, but twice,” said Clayton County Police Spokesperson JaQuitta Williams.
According to police, Jayden was not injured.
Phelps said Wilson-Britten was already scheduled to be fired for poor performance before she assaulted the baby boy.
“She didn’t have any malice or anything that I could see,” said Phelps.  “It’s not the type of employee I hold in my staff.  She was just in error. She made a rash decision.”
A short time before Wilson-Britten pushed the boy, she reportedly called the front desk of the daycare and said she needed a break.  Someone had been sent to relieve her.
“She made a bad decision,” said Phelps.
Wilson-Britten was arrested and charged with simple battery.  She was later released on bond.
After the incident, Jayden’s father became suspicious of further abuse happening within the child care facility.  He said Jayden’s twin brother, Ayden, had broke his arm at school the day before.  Phelps said that Ayden’s injury was an accident, and it happened while he was playing outside on the playground.  The daycare is under investigation for the the event.
Phelps insisted to reporters that safety is the school’s main priority.  The Kids R Kids co-owner also assured that Wilson-Britten’s actions are completely unacceptable at his facility.

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