Suspect in three-city shooting spree booked into jail

Hans Hansen, suspected of Wednesday night's shooting rampage in Snohomish County.


 A 43-year-old man who is suspected of going on a three-city shooting spree aimed at law enforcement in Snohomish County was booked into jail Monday, sheriff’s deputies said.

Hans Hansen of Granite Falls was booked into the Snohmish County Jail on two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of drive-by shooting. He is slated to appear in court at 1 p.m., Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Shari Ireton said.

Hansen, married with a son, is believed to have been the man in a white pickup truck who opened fire Wednesday night at the Granite Falls Police Department and at several parked patrol cars before driving to the Lake Stevens Department, where he did the same thing.

The suspect then sped off toward Marysville, where police intercepted him and shot him during a gun battle.

He was previously in the hospital before being booked into jail.

One Marysville police sergeant was slightly injured in the spree.

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