Citizen Kills Two Cops, Posts About it on Instagram and Gets Over 300 Likes

Image of alleged shooter who goes by the instagram handle "dontrunup"

NEW YORK — Two NYPD officers have been confirmed dead after a citizen allegedly shot them while they were in their vehicle.
The citizen who is believed to have shot the officers posted on his Instagram just moments before the shooting occurred, announcing that he was going to be doing it to avenge the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.
Eric Garner and Michael Brown were both unarmed and killed by police. Protests erupted nationwide after the police were not charged for killing them.
Now it appears that a citizen has moved beyond peaceful protest and decided to use physical force, according to reports.
The two officers were in their car working over-timer when the citizen approached them and shot them both in their heads, killing them immediately.

He next posted an image that appears to show blood on his pants, which could have been taken moments after he killed the cops, which received over 300 likes.

After shooting both police, the man then ran into a nearby subway station on Willoghby Avenue.
Police chased after him, and according to reports he shot himself before they could take him into custody.
Some fear that this incident will give citizens in other parts of the country the idea to go ahead and begin assassinating officers when they least expect it.

Neither of the two officers nor the man who shot them have been identified yet by sources, other than that the man used the handle “Don’trunup” on his Instagram account.
The shooting clearly seems to have been done as an act of political assassination, given that the citizen’s statements on Instagram.
A video surfaced online just moments after the assassination occurred showing the two bodies of the police officers lifeless on the sidewalk as other officers attempted to render aid.

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