Mayor calls on black men to do more to stop violence

Rawlings-Blake to focus State of the City speech on small businesses
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake 

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is urging black men to do more to help stop the killing in Baltimore — a call to action some applauded as a blunt truth, while others said the city government needs to step up as well.

In her State of the City address Monday, the mayor said more black men must become involved as mentors, tutors and community activists if the city is to reduce homicides — which, she noted, often involve black men killing black men.

"Too many of us in the black community have become complacent about black-on-black crime," she said afterward. "While many of us are willing to march and protest and become active in the face of police misconduct, many of us turn a blind eye when it's us killing us."

All but 22 of Baltimore's 211 homicide victims last year were black males.

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