50 dead, over 700 injured, after blast rocks busy Chinese port

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Two blasts shook the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin late on Wednesday. Some 700 people have been injured, 71 critically, and 50 are dead, according to the latest report by Xinhua news agency.
A total of 12 firefighters have been confirmed dead, according to Chinese state television. Authorities have lost contact with 36 other firefighters, Xinhua reported.

Hundreds of people have been transported to hospitals.  Many of the injuries being treated at the hospital are from broken glass or stones, Lu Yun, head of the nearby Taida Hospital, told the Xinhua News Agency. The National Earthquake Bureau said there were two large explosions before midnight, the first equivalent to 3 tons of TNT, and the second equivalent to 21 tons. A team of 214 military specialists trained in handling nuclear an biochemical materials arrived in Tianjin on Thursday. The team is from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Beijing Military Area Command. Firefighters have suspended their efforts at the scene, citing questions about the warehouse’s contents and the quantity of “dangerous goods” it might contain, local government said in a statement on Thursday.

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