Nonpayment on Bonds Would Have Consequences for Puerto Rico

Debt-ridden Puerto Rico faces its next big test in just a few days, when $58 million in bond payments come due — and already the government is mounting a defense against the possibility that it will not have the cash.
Government advisers on the island have been sending memos to the news media over the last several days suggesting that even if the government cannot make the payments, it will not technically be in default — something Puerto Rico is desperately trying to avoid. A default would have enormous legal and financial consequences, putting the United States commonwealth in the uncomfortable company of Greece.
The payments coming due are on so-called moral obligation bonds, which the government can issue without any legal requirement to repay.
Despite the advisories from Puerto Rican officials, however, independent financial experts said even a small nonpayment, whether it is technically a bond default or not, would have major reverberations. Failing to pay the moral obligation debt would taint the credibility of all other types of Puerto Rican debt, they said, which in turn would drive down the value of other bonds and raise the cost of whatever money the commonwealth might still be able to borrow at that point.​ 

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