‘He’s a f*cking kid': Video shows nine California cops arrest sobbing black teen ‘for jaywalking’

Video shows nine police California officers arrested a black teenager and slammed him on to concrete while arresting him for jaywalking.
Witnesses said a Stockton police officer ordered the teenager to sit down, but the teen instead continued walking toward a waiting bus, reported RT.

Bystander Edgar Avendaño, who recorded the video, said the officer grabbed the teen’s arm in attempt to stop him and then pulled out his baton after the teen “took off the cop’s hand off his arm.”
Stockton police told VICE News that the 16-year-old teen did not respond to an officer’s request to get out of the bus lane.
“For safety reasons, the officer told the young man to get on the sidewalk,” officer Joseph Silva said. “After the teenager refused to comply and used obscene language, the officer went over and a there was a scuffle.”
Police said the officer was wearing a body camera, but the device was knocked off during the initial confrontation.

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