Man shot, stabbed to death outside Central Tower apartments

Man shot, stabbed to death outside Central Tower apartments

Investigators say a man was stabbed and shot several times in southwest Detroit Wednesday morning.

Neighbors gathered outside southwest Detroit's Central Tower apartment complex after waking to gunshots.
Detroit police arrived to Central Street just after 1:30 a.m. finding 38-year-old Harry Ramos was standing outside when someone stabbed him and shot him.
An autopsy reveals Ramos had at least three bullets in his back. Sources say he was found lying in between a curb and a Toyota Camry with a pocket knife underneath him.  Seven shell casings were recovered.

"You just have a sad feeling in your heart," said Claude Ross of Central Tower Maintenance. "Just keep going."

"(It sounded) like an automatic," said resident Johnnie Warmack "A cannon."

According to the police report one witness says she heard the gunshots and saw a man running from the building, alerting apartment security and police.

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