Michael B. Jordan Says He Doesn’t “See Race,” Social Media Responds

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Michael B. Jordan may be the latest member of “The New Black” Club, which was unofficially started by Pharrell Williams last year when he explained to Oprah, “The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues.”

“The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation: it’s a mentality and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on,” he said.
While many were outraged by what they called “ignorant” and “elitist” comments, others co-signed Pharrell’s view on race. His comments came on the heels of black female fans blasting him for not using any dark-skinned women on the cover of his “Girl” album.
New Blacks may often find themselves bewildered by the fact that there’s even “still racism in 2015.” It’s as if once they “stop seeing race,” then they become stunned by the endless fantastical tales of racism. We’re not saying this is certainly the case with Michael, but we side-eye folks like him and Pharrell, and black people in particular, who claim they “don’t see race.”
Of course, these are the same folks who suddenly see race when they become the victim of racism; police brutality or social injustice.
Jordan recently told GQ that he doesn’t view the world through black and white tinted lenses, and no doubt many find that commendable. However, others are feeling a certain way about his comments because they are in response to black fans (read: black women) blasting him for his alleged relationship with model/reality star Kendall Jenner.
Jordan, one of the most attractive and eligible bachelors in Hollywood, has recently been linked to Kendall – a rumor he won’t confirm or deny – but he is sounding off about his fans who aren’t thrilled over the idea of him dating a white girl.
“It’s the world we live in,” Jordan, 28, tells GQ. “They see white and Black. I don’t.”
He continues, “A lot of Black fans were feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, he should have been with a Black woman’ and that whole thing. I get it, but on the other hand it’s, like, relax. You know – it’s 2015. It’s okay! People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the f**k it is.”

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