New exodus of Cubans headed to the U.S. is underway across the Americas

People are transported to the Guatemalan shore across the broad Suchiate river that separates, Tecun Uman, Guatemala and Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, on July 11, 2014.
© Eduardo Verdugo/AP
They line up on the edge of the water, their silhouettes barely visible in the wee hours before the sun rises. Groups of 10 to 12 climb aboard rafts mounted with plywood and pay less than $2 to be ferried to the other side. Within the span of 20 minutes, at least 60 have crossed aboard six rafts.

All of them are Cuban migrants en route to the United States. The illegal crossing scene at the Rio Suchiate — the body of water that separates Guatemala from Mexico — is happening every day under the cover of darkness.

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