Pay-To-Stay Prisons? Ohio Jails Hit Inmates With Fees While Incarcerate

A new report from the Ohio ACLU details a growing problem in prison, where inmates are forced to pay fees while incarcerated.

From the ACLU of Ohio:

The ACLU of Ohio is the first to collect and analyze pay-to-stay policies statewide with the report In Jail & In Debt: Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Fees. Pay-to-stay jail fees are the fees charged by local jails to people while they are incarcerated. This report takes a comprehensive look at jails across the state, compares policies, documents impact, and proposes new recommendations to stop locking people in cycles of incarceration and debt.

In the report, In Jail & In Debt, the ACLU describes the nature of the fees and how they are incurred as follows:

Pay-to-stay fees are typically charged two ways: booking fees and daily fees. People may be assessed a booking fee upon arrival (also referred to as a processing fee, reception fee, or administrative fee). In addition to a booking fee people may be charged a daily fee. This is not supposed to exceed the cost of housing and feeding the person for each day of incarceration. Additionally, a few county’s also charge release fees, which cover the cost of processing a person out of jail.

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