Alabama dad fatally shoots football player son

Darius Adams, 17
Darius Adams, 17, was reportedly acting strangely and aggressively when his father confronted him with a pistol.
An Alabama man who shot his son to death claims he only meant to scare the boy.
Sexton Adams told investigators he pulled his gun on 17-year-old Darius Adams early Friday morning and it accidentally went off, according to media reports .
“He cocked the pistol and in the process, according to him, the pistol went off," Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer told the Call News. "You know, it’s just a very tragic thing. The man killed his own son. It just doesn’t get much worse than that.”
Darius Adams, who played on the McIntosh High School football team, returned home about 2 a.m., and was reportedly acting strangely and aggressively. The father reportedly thought a show of force would help. He ended up pumping a round from his .38 Special revolver into his son’s stomach.
We’ll learn more as time progresses," Stringer told the Call News. "Of course, we will try to determine what caused this boy to become so irate and act the way he acted when his father shot him.”
Sexton Adams, 55, has not been charged and the Washington County District Attorney is weighing whether to present evidence to a grand jury.
The elder Adams is a good man who tended to his family and work, neighbors said.
“I don’t know what went on, but I know Sexton tried to raise him right,” neighbor Edward Thomas told Fox 10 TV. “He definitely tried to raise him right. I do know that.”
Attempts by the Daily News to reach Sexton Adams were unsuccessful.
Darius Adams was due to undergo an autopsy and authorities continue to investigate.

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