Jury Finds Randy Taylor Guilty of Alexis Murphy Murder and Abduction

Randy Taylor (left) and Alexis Murphy (right)
A jury has found Randy Taylor guilty on all counts in the abduction and murder of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy.
Taylor will face life sentences for both charges on first murder and abduction.

"A dangerous man was put behind bars for abducting and killing Alexis Murphy and taking an innocent life," says Commonwealth's Attorney Anthony Martin.

Randy Taylor was escorted out of the Nelson County Courthouse in handcuffs, just moments after he tried storming out of the courtroom during sentencing.

The dramatic scene came while Laura Murphy, the mother of Alexis Murphy, was asking the jury to impose the maximum sentence on the man convicted of killing her 17-year-old daughter.

As soon as Taylor tried to make his exit, he was abruptly stopped by multiple Sheriff's Deputies.

Afterwards, Alexis' aunt, Trina Murphy, spoke about the incident.

"Cowards usually run, I think he was expecting to get off."

The verdict is exactly what the family was praying for.

"I just felt like justice has been served and just hope Alexis wherever she is can be at peace now," Trina says.

The Jury deliberated for more than six hours and came out only once to ask a question about security footage from the Liberty Gas Station, where she was last seen.

During sentencing, Alexis's mother took the stand, making a very emotional plea to the jury to give Taylor the maximum sentence.

Many of the jury members were seen wiping away tears.

The Murphy family says the verdict will help their family in moving on.

"It certainly doesn't bring the closure that we need, because the only thing that could do that is finding Alexis and putting her to rest, but it definitely goes a long way in helping us move on."

The official judge ruling will come in July.
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