“F***king N******”: Black Family Allegedly Terrorized by Campers

camping racists
Last weekend a black family pitched a tent on Rollins Lake in Nevada City, California as part of a family reunion. They intended on enjoying a little camping by the lake, but instead, say they were harassed by a family who set up camp nearby.

Family members say everything initially went well as they set up camp at Greenhorn
The family wanted to “have fun on the lake, we pitched the tents, we bring the food, we cook the ribs,” Kanisha Allen said.
“We thought Rollins Lake would be a perfect place,” Allen said, according to USA Today.
Allen saying they were all getting along swimmingly until another family arrived and set up camp beside them.
“Some of the other campers from the rowdier group were just staring over and making racial comments,” she said.

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