Detroit Father Shoots Armed Teen Who Attempted to Steal Sunglasses

Joe Lanier

A Detroit man says were it not for his quick thinking, he’d be either dead or injured.
A 17 year old is hospitalized in critical condition after Joe Lanier, a 24 year old father, shot him multiple times.
According to Lanier, the armed teen attempted to rob him of his sunglasses, so Lanier opened fire, using the gun for which he has a concealed carry permit.
“He was on my window with his gun. If I wasn’t on my P’s and Q’s, I would have been gone,” Lanier, told local affiliate WXYZ.
Lanier believes being armed saved his life.
“That’s why [the assailant is] in the hospital and not me.”
Lanier was sitting in his vehicle while on the job as an exterminator when confronted by the armed teen who pulled a gun and demanded Lanier’s sunglasses. Lanier fired several shots.
“The boy tried to rob me and I shot him,” he said.
Lanier then called 911. Lanier’s mother, Angelia Lanier, says she is a licensed instructor and has always taught her kids how to defend themselves.

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