Freddie Gray's Gift

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The city of Baltimore announced an agreement Tuesday to pay $6.4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man black man who died in April after police damaged three vertebrae in his spine while in police custody. This young brother died at the hands of devils for committing the crime of being black in America.

Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:7‬ - Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.
Black, Hispanics, and Native American Indians have been oppressed in this land since 1492 after Christopher Columbus, a murderous pirate, sailed the Atlantic Ocean landing in the West Indies. Those with any sense can see the oppression our people are under. Out of love you should be stirred to anger for your people who die ruthlessly by the hands of the slave masters in America.

 However, rioting in Baltimore was not the answer, and brought no solutions to the problem that caused Freddie Gray death. Even though it's right to feel anger when an innocent brother from your nation is murdered, we must learn how to use that anger to actually bring about change. Those who are not angered have been spoiled by tokens given to us by the oppressor, such as food stamps ,section 8, welfare ,soothsayers in the Christian Church, and now this settlement.

Job‬ ‭20:10‬  - His children shall seek to please the poor, and his hands shall restore their goods.
The so called white man is the devil that the bible speaks about. They seek to please the poor and block our minds from seeking justice.Baltimore is one of the poorest cities in the country. At the same time they payed Gray's settlement, 5,000 residents water has been turned off in the city. No amount of blood money is going to bring back the lives which were taken at the hands of our oppressor. There is no sum which can take away the pain of a mother having to bury her child. What our community needs isn't money, but justice for the crimes committed against us in America. Our only deliverer is the power of the Most High and Christ.

‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭33:15‬ - If the wicked restore the pledge, give again that he had robbed, walk in the statutes of life, without committing iniquity; he shall surely live, he shall not die.
The white race is the wicked in the earth who rape, pillage, and plunder all nations. They stole Continental America from sea to shining sea.These devils murdered hundreds of millions of our people during slavery. America has had us in captivity for over 400 hundred years without restoring our identity. There is no way to ever pay back what he has robbed from us and restore the pledge. For the crimes they committed they will pay with blood. One day the white man will be your slave and our people under the Most High and Christ will rule the earth.

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