Former NBA Star Loses His House After Falling $900,000 Behind In Child Support

Larry Johnson, basketball legend and former NBA superstar, is having a hard time with settling his financial affairs with one of his “baby mamas”. He owed her almost a million dollars but managed to settle the account by handing over the keys to a house.

Celebrity news site TMZ reported that Laura Tate had filed court papers claiming that the former Knicks and Hornets player had not paid what was due to her by way of child support payments. He was in fact, she claimed, $900,000 behind. The documents say that she wants the court to liquidate his assets so she can get her payment.
But before it got to that, it is alleged that Johnson managed to reach an agreement with her. He has filed documents that state he will instead hand over his home in Orange County, California, to her. That property is estimated to be worth $800,000.

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