Washington to overhaul its failed training program for Syrian rebels

The Obama administration is going to overhaul its $500 million training program for so called “moderate” Syrian rebels. The move is seen as an acknowledgement that it has failed to create a new combat force capable of fighting Islamic State on the ground.
“There is a pause being put in place, while we focus more on the equipping side of those groups that are in Syria now and have proven competent against ISIL [Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” State Department spokesperson John Kirby told RT’s Gayane Chichakyan at a Friday briefing. Part of the program is being temporarily “shelved,” he added without giving specifics, saying the Pentagon is in charge.
“Sometimes you run into obstacles and challenges you didn’t know you were going to have or you couldn’t have predicted,” Kirby said. “I would also remind you that this particular aspect of the program is not being shelved forever.”
When asked about why the program hadn’t worked, Kirby said to ask the Defense Department.
“From this podium I am telling you that it’s a great question that you should pose to the Defense department. I think they’ve been very candid and frank over the last couple of months in particular about the challenges they have faced in terms of recruiting fighters for the program.”

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